Chalo muhabbat ki

Chalo muhabbat ki..

Chalo muhabbat ki naee bunyaad rakhte hain.
Khud paband rehte hain tumhain azaad rakhte hain.
Hamare khoon main Rab ne taseer aisi rakhi hy.
Buraiyan bhool jaate hain achaiyan yaad rakhte hain.
Ye soch kr gustakhi na ho jae muhabbat mein.
Is liye apna har Qaddam tere Qaddam k baad rakhte hain?..

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July 17th, 2009

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  1. DaBo: Nah. Nope. By inventing a ccrerot context for Leaders Debate youre consciously ignoring the fact that it simply is not ccrerot. I wasn’t being serious, I was just nitpicking the nitpickers’. Josh’s point about needing a full stop at the end struck me as a bit weird titles usually don’t have full stops, even if they are sentences.But then doesnt the definite article when anyone mentions it completely destroy the delicate justification?Nope, even if it is used with the definite article, it could be read that way. The leaders debate. It’s valid. Anyway, nitpicking TV show titles seems a bit pointless, like shooting fish in a barrel. An apostrophe is not much in the scheme of things, when you have abominations like Numb3rs .

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