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Urdu English Shayari

Ranjish.com has lots of Urdu English Shayari Poetry. Feel free to add your own English Shayari Shayari here.


English Shayari

English Poetry is loved in pakistan too. People love reading English Poetry too. Its a wrong thought that only urdu poetry is loved in pakistan. People of pakistan do understand english, so reading and writing English Poetry is not a problem for them. Read these English Poetry collections and send them to your loved ones.

Father?s Day ? A Day of Celebration to Honor

English Shayari

My dear father,
I too would like to give you praise,
Though a day of celebration,
Is never enough to compensate,
Is never enough to appreciate,
Is never enough to congratulate,
The man who?s life to me still dedicate.

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Spread you arms

English Shayari

Spread you arms.

Like the scarlet that spreads through the dark sky;

Like the trembling notes that spread through the hall;

Like the shinning pebbles that spread through the depth of the mighty river, wet.

Like the angry voice that spreads

And the famished hearts quicken,

Spread your arms.

And when you touch the flame

Grimace, but do not fold them back over you breasts.

Between you and the earth beneath your feet

The trampled grass knows –

When there is nothing left to burn,

You set fire to yourself.

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fall in love

English Shayari

have yu eva felt dt u r lonely in crowds??
hv u eva heard sm1 callin yur name n found no1 aroun??
hv u eva feared ov ur most beloved thng??
hv u eva saw yur eyez rollin down a tear wile odaz laufin??
hv u eva got paralyzed by d thoughts ov sm1??
hv u eva had a weakness dt cudn b explained??
hv u eva felt lyk sm1 z stranglin yur heart??
hv u eva felt unimportant n useless??
hv u eva crushed yur dreamz by ur vry hands??
hv u eva fel down beside d wal like a disabled widout crutches??
hv u eva felt happier in d dark though u afraid ov it??
hv u eva cursed yur memories??
hv u eva left unanswered by ur own questionz??
hv u eva wokeup whole nyt juz in curiosity??
hv u eva cried wile watchn sunset??

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hammer 2 d walls

English Shayari

u tuk d hammer 2 d walls..
dragged d memories down de hall..
packed ur bag n walk away..
thr ws nth i cud say..
n wen u closed d front door shut..
alot ov odaz opened up..
so my eyes n i cud c..
u were neva d best 4 me..

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First Day At School

English Shayari

First Day At School
In a little village in Kerala
I awoke with a lot of hungama
I heard the rain like crumpling bits of paper
And I knew the dreaded day had finally arrived
Here the rain and the school arrives side by side
Causing waves of sadness to hit me as on seaside
The grass and the leaves are fresher than ever
But my mother drags me into the shower
I yearn to smell my new rose blushing in the rain
But the new uniform assails my nose putting my wish in vain
My shivering puppy longs for the warmth of my hand
But the umbrella and now-filled bag lands in my hands
Blurry vision of the world that I view
And my little garden with everything so fresh and new
Causes tears to rush down my cheeks
Which are washed away by the rain so gentle or may be meek
I enter my new world, my second home, world of letters all sad and confused
And my mom pulls my hand off hers with emotions diffused
I cry, ?Oh Mama don?t leave me here!Take me with u..?
But she leaves without turning back ,tears fresh and new?

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I wish to be friend

English Shayari


I wish to be that friend of yours.
to whom you can turn whenever you are cross.
I wish to stand like a tree and bear all the pain,
to give you shade and to prevent you from rain.
I wish to be the wood and to be burnt into flame,
to give you light and to spread your fame.
I wish to be shoulder and to be on your side,
to prevent you from stumbling and to help you to guide.
I wish to be with you on every turn of your life,
and i hope to hear you say that you want me throughout your life.

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The Breakup

English Shayari

A state of limbo
The calm before the storm
Eyes dry still

Expecting the worst
The forever leaping heart
The battle of wills

No looking back?..
Nostalgia- what?s that?
Just boredom that kills

The endless waiting
The relief of a goodbye

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Spells Of Thinking

English Shayari

Staring at the moon at night, so bright,
An emotion came over me last night?

Bringing all of my thoughts to you,
I thought our love is growing true..

When I closed my eyes yester night,
All my sorrows & worries took flight?

Endless thoughts ran through my head,
& the talks we had while lying on bed..

Without U life wud mean nothing 2 me,
Oh forever with you, I want to be?

Words can?t explain how much I love you,
You bring me smiles, overcome my blue..

Thinking of U constantly makes me smile,
I can?t forget U, oh not for even a while?

You?ve no idea what I?ve recieved from you,
The only person I want2 spend my life is wid U..

I love you Sweetie, with all my heart,
I know never in our lives we?ll be apart?

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The unspoken

English Shayari

Won?t you wipe my tears tonight?
Won?t you help me spend this night?
If I tell you whats in my heart,
Won?t you really hug me tight?

Won?t you hold me if I fall?
Won?t you answer if I call?
If I tell you you?re my life,
Won?t you really care at all?

Won?t you help me pass the trials?
Won?t you cover miles after miles?
If I tell you the desperation of wanting you,
Won?t you turn my tears into smiles?

Won?t you feel my pain anymore?
Won?t you miss me like did before?
If I tell you you?re my soul,
Won?t you make the time restore?

Won?t you listen my heart?s cry?
Won?t you let my eyes dry?
If I tell you?re my only love,
Won?t you even love me just as reply?

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My Eternal Affection

English Shayari

That was a noiseless, sorrowful night,
Filled with fear & feeling of fright.

Heart was isolated & I was alone,
With no one there ho was known.

To accompany me in this lonely night,
Just silent darkness & nothing bright.

No one was there with me to ask,
Or to remove my cheerful mask.

Tired of drowning in my own tears,
fighting against my loneliness & fears.

I missed you so much day & night,
& just thought I treated you right.

Just want you to return, help my spirit fly,
Your face being the last, I see before I die.

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In Your Arms

English Shayari

When you take me in your arms,
The world pauses it?s senseless spin,
The skies no longer seem too far away,
I float on a cloud, and swim about
In the most vast sea of joy?
You fill me so with love within,
No dream?s too far away?
When I can feel the warmth of your breath,
When I can lay my head on your chest,
All I know of is us, and of our love,
All the rest creeps into oblivion.
Drowned I remain in an unruffled ocean,
Protected like a pearl in its shell.

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16th Of January

English Shayari

* 16th Of January *

The Luckiest day for the World
The Winds were fresher then ever before
The Sun brightly shining on the World
The Sky was blue and Clean.

Beautiful Birds filled the air
with their beautiful voices,
Parrots were singing a birthday Song &
The Pigeons were praising God for this day.

The Forest was Greener
The fruits were sweeter &
The Smell of Roses filled the atmosphere.

The world was absorbed in a strange light (NooR)
Sadness was lost &
Happiness Covered the world.

Angels were sent to the World
To welcome someone who was
My Love,
She was sweeter then honey &
brighter then the Sun.

People had desires which were fulfilled that day
Everyone slept happily and peace covered their house,
There wasn?t no corruption,
People met each others like brothers.

It was the 16th of January
and a blessing to the world
because someone was born
who was far more then a girl

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Dreams Come True

English Shayari

In your arms
Let me be held,
Held captive by your charms,
And let the world behold
How two souls meld,
How they come true ~
The fairytales oft told?

In the way the moon
Disappears in the clouds,
And reappears with a blush,
Let?s disappear in a mist,
Away from the crowds,
In a secretive hush,
And let me return? kissed!

Is this my reality, is this a dream?
I may keep asking myself this.
And pinch my cheeks, softly,
And hold me, and hug me, and kiss.

And I shall know that there is YOU?
And I shall know that dreams come true?

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English Shayari

Love can be,
found in the wormth of a kiss,in a touch
or a lingering embrace?.
Love can be
found in a sweet,tender glance or a
smile that laughts up the face?
Love can be
found in words softly spoken,in
comfertable silence too?.
Love can be
found in any number of ways?


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Around the corner I have a friend

English Shayari

Around the corner I have a friend
In this great city that has no end.

Yet the days go by and weeks rush on
And before i know it, a year is gone.

And i never see my old friend?s face
For life is a swift and terrible race.

He knows i like him just as well
As in the days when i rang his bell.

And he rang mine but we?re younger then
And now we?re busy tired men.

Tired of playing fulish game
Tired of trying to make a name.

Tommorow i say i?ll call on him
Just to show that i m thinking of him.

But tommorow comes and tommorow goes
And distance between us grows and grows.

Around the corner yet miles away
Here is a telegram he is died today

And that is what we get and deserve in the end
Around the corner a vanished friend.

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