Hum musaafir yunhi masroof-e-safar jaayen ge..

Hum musaafir yunhi m..

Hum musaafir yunhi masroof-e-safar jaayen ge,
Be-nishaan ho gaye jab sheher to ghar jaayen ge,

Kis qadar hoga yahan mehr -o-wafa ka maatam,
Hum teri yaad se jis roz utar jaayen ge,

Jauhri band kiye jaate hain bazaar-e-sukhan,
Hum kisse bechne almaas-o-gauhar jayen ge,

Nemat-e-zeest ka yeh qarzz chukega kaise,
Laakh ghabraa ke yeh kehte hain rahen mar jaayen ge,

Shayed apna bhi koi bait hudi-khvan ban kar,
Saath jaaye ga mere yaar jidhar jaayen ge,

Faiz aate hain rah-e-ishq main jo sakht maqaam,
Aaney walon se kaho hum to guzar jaayen ge..

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Faiz Ahmad Faiz
August 17th, 2015

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