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  • kabhi dadi kabhi nani se alag kar diye gaye
  • har ik baat pe kehne lagte ho pyare baRra masla hai
  • Ae ranj-e-agahi koi chaara to hoga na
  • Sitaare ki tarah tooti hui hoon


  • badar seemab
  • maqsood wafa sher
  • maqsood wafa urdu shayari
  • maqsood wafa ghazal


Jon Elia

Jon Elia


Another belief is that a vast majority of Jaun Elia's poetry remained unpublished and was lost during his time of death.




Known for his famous ghazals "insha jee utho" and "kal chaudhvin ki raat thi"

Parveen Shakir

Parveen Shakir


Parveen Shakir was a legendary female poet who started her professional career in her childhood. Her first book was “Khushbu”.

Jigar Moradabadi

Jigar Moradabadi


Jigar Moradabadi was mentor to a famous urdu poet and songwriter Majrooh Sultanpuri.



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