Me akela hi chala tha janib manzil magar

Me akela hi chala th..

Me akela hi chala tha janib manzil magar,
Log sath ate gae aur karwan banta gea.

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January 1st, 2012

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  1. who is the writer or shayar of dis poetry..??

  2. shayar of dis poetry is Sheikh Muhammad Yahya

  3. The shayar’s name is not sheikh Mohammed Yahya… It is Janab Majrooh Sultanpuri

  4. Main akela hi chala tha, Janib-e-Manzil magar
    Log sath aate gaye aur kaarwaan banta gaya.

  5. Hmmmmm gud poetry

  6. Nothing is here in urdu poetry.
    English poetry is the best

  7. Its so pathetic of ur horizon of literature.. your reach of aesthetics in Urdu Poetry and Verses..pity on you dear..if it is what you really think of Urdu and Urdu Poetry, then please go and check thoroughly ..because i think u r still completely unaware ignorant or either u deliberately speak nonsense to disgrace something which u can never because for that too u really need to be well versed which u r genuinely not at all..!! Take care and read more.. 🙂

  8. Ibrahim u are right.
    As they say in English that little learning is a dangerous thing.
    She should learn atleast basics of the language about which to comment.

  9. Kyon aya h

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