Athrun ro ro thory reh gaye

Athrun ro ro thory r..

Nasiban vich vichory reh gaye

athrun ro ro thory reh gaye

ik na manni onny meri

hath vi mery jory reh gaye

jandi wari chor gya menu

bhijy waal nichory reh gaye

aj vi sajan murr nai aya

motiyee de phul tory re gaye

aj te a ja wasty rab de

saa vi hun te thory reh gaye

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Intezaar Shayari
December 7th, 2009

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  1. this will be great i m very impressive who are tha wrighter? he is the great

  2. yar I love this one so much. gr8

  3. Ahhhh, the genesis for Team Weak and Feeble, the reitaly that being a “racer” is often different from being a “rider” and when your life moves away from being a racer (sometime with us kicking and screaming) it can take time to settle into and enjoy being “just” a rider.My motto now is that if I enter a race and it costs $100 and takes me 10 hours and the winner took 5 hours, I ended up paying $10 an hour to race where he paid $20- it’s all about economics!

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