Yeh daagh daagh ujaala

Yeh daagh daagh ujaa..

Yeh daagh daagh ujaala, yeh shab gazida sahar

Woh intizaar tha jis ka, yeh woh sahar to nahin

Yeh woh sahar to nahin jis ki aarzoo lay kar

Chaley tthey yaar key miljaegi kahin na kahin

Falak kay dasht mein tarron ki akhiri manzil

Kahin to hoga shab-e-sust ghum ka saahil

Kahin to jakey lageyga safina-e-ghum-e-dil

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Sad Shayari
July 21st, 2009

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  1. Really nice poem i was searching for it. And finally i find it here.

  2. Such a nice poitry.

  3. My deep heart wishes for Admin to update in the same way howz now working….Great sense of Poetic Collection.
    Allah Bless You

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