Tum mujh se door the lekin, mere tum pas rehte the..

Tum mujh se door the..

Tum mujh se juda ho kar bhi mere sath rehte the,
Tum mujh se door the lekin, mere tum pas rehte the,

Kabhi dard ki surat main, kabhi meri hi murat main,
Kabhi yaron ki sohbat main, kabhi tanhai ki lazzat main,
Mere dil ko hamesha hi, bohat tum raas rehte the,
Tum mujh se door the lekin, mere tum paas rehte the,

Main jab ghar se nikalta tha, meri tum soch ban jate,
Mujhe jo shakhs nazar ata, us main tum nazar ate,
Tum mujh se door the chahe, meri tum aas rehte the,
Tum mujh se door the lekin, mere tum paas rehte the,

Jab main tanha hota to, tum meri awaz ban jate,
Mere andaz ban jate, mere alfaz ban jate,
Jitny dard thy mery, youn abad rehte the,
Tum mujh se door the lekin, mere tum pas rehte the,

Tum mere khyalon main. jawabon main, sawalon main,
Shamon ki udasi main. subha k ujalon main,
Aur mere dil ke aangan main, hamesha khas rehte the,
Tum mujh se door the lekin, mere tum pas rehte the,

Mujhe tum ye batao ke, mujhe kya yaad karte the,
Kabhi mere kahe alfaz, tujhe barbad karte the,
Kya andar se tum bhi, youn hi udas rehte the,
Tum mujh se door thy lekin, mere tum pas rehte the..

Muhammad Irfan Arshad

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Ghazal Shayari
February 21st, 2015

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  1. nice

  2. Outstanding 😮

  3. zabrdast yaaaaaaaaaaaar suchii

    keep it up

  4. A lot of these are A good way to get a guy dumped.3. If a duy did that i would pbrlaoby flip him purely from reflexes5. Maybe, gently, if she initiates, otherwise it’s just gonna end in tears6. A lot of girls aren’t totally jealous, just tell them where you’re going and it would most likely be fine7. Bad advice in my opinion. Not everything should be focused on the girlfriend, imagine talking to a guy, then he promptly walks off and kisses his girlfriend, I would panic that he thought I was hitting on him or something. And again, not all girls are that jealous10. Not all girls /actually/ like this. I know I spend a lot of time doing my hair sometimes, and I hate it when people touch my hair (not meaning as in I’m vain, just makes it feel like I wasted my time )11. Again, depends on the girl12. If you cared that much about her you wouldn’t need a list to tell you to get upset about it15. One of my least favourite things on this list. For one thing, what if a guy is a bad kisser? I’ve known some guys like that and it would make me /more/ mad if they did that. Not to mention, if a girl is mad she pbrlaoby needs space, if shes UPSET then a kiss isn’t such a bad idea, but not angry.17. Good in theory but why spray it with cologne? If the guy wears it, it would smell like him anyway, right? And don’t just GIVE her the clothes, it’s takes away all the fun, if she wants them she’ll eventually wear them anyway haha20. SOMETIMES. Some girls need a little personal space21. SOME girls love this! Personally I LOVE standing in rain, and as cliche as it is I think kissing in the rain would be romantic, but I know girls who HATE getting wet, standing in rain, or messing up their hair/makeup (haha). Some would preffer sitting infront of a warm fire inside while it rains outside 27. Not always. If you never say no to her when you start dating, how are you EVER going to say no to her?29. Again, not all girls get that jealous. I had a boyfriend with many female friends and I understood that, and didn’t care about him hugging/hanging out with other girls30. I repeat, personal space plzkthnx.Nice list, but some of things are way too specific, and only include a handful of girls. If you’re making an instructional list, you need to generalise things more.

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