Mohabbat ab nahin hogi..

Mohabbat ab nahin ho..

Mohabbat ab nahin hogi..

Mohabbat ab nahin hogi,

Sitare jo damakte hain
Kisi ki chashm-e-hairaan main
Mulaqatain jo hoti hain
Jamal-e-abr-o-baaraan main

Ya naa-abad waqton main
Dil-e-nashaad main hogi
Muhabbat ab nahi hogi
Yea kuch din bad main hogi

Guzar jaein gay jab yeh din
Yeh un ki yaad main hogi
Mohabbat ab nahin hogi..

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Designed Shayari, Munir Niazi, Nazam Shayari
July 13th, 2017

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  1. Its heart touching

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