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In the Flowers, My Rose is You.

miss you sms

In the Flowers, My Rose is You.
In the Diamond, My Kohinoor is You.
In the Sky, My Moon is You.
I am only Body, My Heart is You.
That is why i always Miss You !!

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Its finally you

miss you sms

Every time my phone rings,

I take a breathe in slowly and pray

That its finally you,

Calling to say

I miss you too

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I miss you

miss you sms

I=Its just been days since you left

M=Months and ages it feels
I=It isnt easy you know
S=Smiles and laughs that we shared
S=Solitude is not what I wanted

Y=Your presence, irreplaceable
O=Of all the words I can say
U=Understand these the most, that I miss you.

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