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Designed Shayari Collection

Designed Poetry is a form of poetry which is in the form of picture. This kind of Urdu Designed Poetry is made up in photoshop. This is a pure art, to represent your thoughts in a picture. Designed Poetry is hugely popular in pakistan, people love reading Designed Poetry because its not in text so its not boring to read. This is often called Urdu Picture Poetry.

Mein barson ka jaaga hoon

Designed Shayari

[lg_image folder=”shayari/” image=”Sula de koi.jpg” align=”center” display=”slide”]

Mohabbat chup nahin sakti

Designed Shayari

[lg_image folder=”shayari/” image=”Mohabbat chup nahin sakti.jpg” align=”center” display=”slide”]

Hum raat bhar

Designed Shayari

[lg_image folder=”shayari” image=”Chand.jpg” align=”center” caption=”Chand.jpg – Urdu Designed Poetry”]


Designed Shayari

[lg_image folder=”shayari” image=”Rang-e-Hina.jpg” align=”center” caption=”Rang-e-Hina – Urdu Designed Poetry”]

Mujhe Sandal kardo

Designed Shayari

[lg_image folder=”shayari” image=”Sandal_kar_do.jpg” align=”center” caption=”Mujhe Sandal kardo – Urdu Designed Poetry”]

Deyar-e-Gair mein

Designed Shayari

[lg_image folder=”shayari” image=”Deyare-gai.jpg” align=”center” caption=”Deyar-e-gher mein – Urdu Designed Poetry”]

Tera dil udaas kyon hai

Designed Shayari

[lg_image folder=”shayari” image=”Tera_dil_udaas_kyon-hai.jpg” align=”center” width=”300″ height=”200″ caption=”Tera dil udaas kyon hai- Urdu Designed Poetry”]

Hamesha yaad rakhoon ga

Designed Shayari

[lg_image folder=”shayari” image=”Hamesha_yaad_rakhoon_ga.jpg” align=”center” width=”300″ height=”200″ caption=”Hamesha yaad rakhoon ga – Urdu Designed Poetry”]

Mujhko jaan se zeyada aziz

Designed Shayari

[lg_image folder=”shayari” image=”MujhkoJaanSeZeyadaAziz.jpg” align=”center” width=”300″ height=”200″ caption=”Mujhko jaan se zeyada aziz – Urdu Designed Poetry”]

Ankhen band kiye leti hoon

Designed Shayari

[lg_image folder=”shayari” image=”AnkhenBandKiyeLetiHoon.jpg” align=”center” width=”300″ height=”200″ caption=”Ankhen band kiye leti hoon – Urdu Designed Poetry”]


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