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Friendship SMS Messages

Welcome to the largest collection of Friendship SMS Messages. You can send these Friendship SMS Messages to Pakistan Send these mobile Friendship SMS Messages message to your friends and enjoy.

You?ll always be my FRIEND

Friendship SMS Messages

In this WORLD,
where everything seems UNCERTAIN,
only one thing is DEFINITE.
You?ll always be my FRIEND,
beyond WORDS,
beyond TIME &
beyond DISTANCE!

Dillagi dosto ke naam hoti hai

Friendship SMS Messages

Dillagi dosto ke naam hoti hai
Dilldari dosto ki shaan hoti hai

Kahi bhi raho par rahoge dil me mere
Yahi sachchi dosti ki pehchaan hoti hai

Friends change, I know they do

Friendship SMS Messages

Friends change, I know they do..
but this friend will always belong to you..

Friends hurt I know they do..
But this friend gets hurt more without ?YOU?!

Earth may stop rotating

Friendship SMS Messages

Earth may stop rotating
Birds may stop flying
Candles may stop melting
Fishes may stop swimming
Heart may stop breathing
But i will never stop
Missing you my friend.

Why do we close our Eyes

Friendship SMS Messages

Why do we close our Eyes
When we Pray
When we Cry
When we Dream
When we Kiss
Because the Most BEAUTIFUL thing in life are not seen.
But felt by the heart!
DEFINITELY U,My Friend:) !

Relationship is like a violen

Friendship SMS Messages

Relationship is like a violen,

Music may stop now n then,

But strings are attached forever.

So if u r in touch or not,
U r always remembered.

All friends are not True

Friendship SMS Messages

All friends are not True.
But true friends are very few,

Which includes U.

True friends are rare to find

Friendship SMS Messages

True friends are rare to find
True friends are always very kind.
True friends are ornaments so beautiful.
True friends always make us cheerful.
True friends are the work of perfection.
True friends give us right direction.
True friends always shine like moon.
True friends are the greatest boon

Hum khud pe gharur nahi kertay

Friendship SMS Messages

Hum khud pe gharur nahi kertay,
Kisi ko dosti kerny py majbor nahin kertay,

Magar jisy ek bar dil mein basa lein,
Usay martay dum tak dil say door nahin kertay,

Koi sab kuch keh ker dosti jatata hai

Friendship SMS Messages

Jab koi khayal dil se takrata hai,
Dil na chah ker bhi khamosh ho jata hai,

Koi sab kuch keh ker dosti jatata hai,
To koi kuch na keh k DOSTI NIBHATA HAI.


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